"And by winning it's being smart and not taking on fights until you know you can win them, that's the key here. Go get good loot and then find a bush and then love that bush, and just wait for people to make mistakes."




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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

Survival Strategy and Tactics




3.Gearing Up


5.Taking Fights

6.Final circles

7.Other notes

"You see people like, 'Oh I got 40 kills in a round.

I came third though,'

and it's like, but you didn't win so,

I don't care! Win!''




Hello everyone and welcome to this PUBG Survival Strategy and Tactics thread.

I defined it as a 'survival' strategy and tactics thread, as this game is a Last Man Standing, and the goal is to stay alive until the end and eventually win the game. I am not going through the aggressive strategies where you need to find a gun as soon as you land because there are 10 people around.

I am going to explain how you can land, loot, move and fight with planning ahead and without lottery or unnecessary risks taken.

Be aware that the game is pretty new at the moment ( only 1 month old) and that the players will adapt depending on what they learn but also depending on new updates etc, so the Meta of the game, the main strategy players use may change and you will always need to adapt to newer well-known strategies.

On the bottom right of this page you have a contact form where you can ask me any questions or comment and discuss what is being showcased here.

I will try to add better examples of my strategies with complete videos and more detailed screenshots. This page will grow with more new tips and a bit more structured menu, text and paragraphing.

I hope this thread can help some people to win some games or just slightly improve their style and skills, until then best regards and have a nice read.


route of the plane example

The beginning of the game usually plays a big role on how your whole game will follow, as everything in life, it has consequences.

The plane always flies from a point A to a point B, let us say for example the plane is flying straight from East to West. At this point, some players will jump out of the plane and just drop as fast as possible down to the ground. Other players will fly a bit north or a bit south or wherever near of the trajectory of the plane. What you want to do is to fly directly 90degrees AWAY from the trajectory of the plane.

This means that whenever you jump out (in this example), you will need to fly straight North or straight South. You will also need to fly as far as possible ( maintain 126km/h) North or South in this example.

This will allow you to be usually alone or almost alone in your area, meaning that you can loot knowing that there is noone around. You still need to be aware that if you have for example a big well-known building or well-known area, players who got a car in the beginning may travel there.

For example if you are flying to the north, but you have the big School just north of you, try to lean a bit more right or left and go for other buildings. The same with big cities, military areas or little vilages like Primorsk, Severny or Lipovka. You can risk it and still go to these places that are far away from the trajectory of the plane, but just keep in mind that people might travel there too, and eventually even be faster than you there.

An important thing to do when the parachute opens is to look around you with (ALT) to detect any players around. If you see someone, remember his position and get away from there, as you want to take fights that are planned ahead when you can.

Safest areas to loot should be house complexes of 2-6 houses.

To conclude this section : - fly as far away as possible from the trajectory of the plane (90degrees)

- just loot risky buildings/areas if you are sure noone is there

- or just go for random house complexes

- stay away from people in the beginning of a match

3.Gearing up

So after you have flown as far away as possible from the trajectory of the plane you will land near some house complexes around you. You should keep in mind the route the plane flew(its trajectory) and adapt it to which complex you are looting first and which ones you are looting right afterwards.

In other words this means that you should keep looting into the same direction you were flying to. Do not loot your first house complex and then run back to the wrong direction, instead keep looting away from the trajectory of the plane.

Another thing to do some seconds after landing and looting first stuff should be to check the position of the first white circle and your location relative to it. Compare it to the route of the plane, so you will know which areas will be or won't be safe ( usually no players around or travelling there ).

You should keep moving and looting according to the circle and to these safe areas in the white circle, as you want to gear up in peace and avoid risky fights that might surprise you and end your run.


The second part of 'gearing up' describes what is important to loot and to have for the last stages of the game. Everyone needs a gun that is for sure, but which one and why ?

At any time there can be a guy somewhere trying to fight you, so you will need to have the adapting gear to protect yourself and make the best of any situation.


1. Always loot the first gun you see (even a pistol or an uzi), as you never know where the second gun is and how long you have until there is somebody on your back.

(I don't do it myself all the time, but ye)


2. You will need 1 close combat gun and 1 long distance gun. I prefer having 2 AR's(rifles) with different scopes (close=holo or red dot)(long=4timesACOG-15times ACOG) than 1 shotgun for close combat and one rifle for long distance. Do it as you feel


3. Take as many medicine as you find, but don't take more than 20 bandages as they are the worst medicine you can find relative to what it heals.


4. You will need at least a helmet level 1, a vest level 1 and a backpack level 1.


5. If you have a backpack level 2, a vest and a helmet level 2, stop taking risks to loot more.


6. Get enough bullets for your rifles, even if you won't use them all.


7. 4times ACOG scope will help you detect and shoot people easier, GET IT!


By movement I mean how you move yourself in the game but also how you move around the map.


At the start of the match after you have landed, you should always keep running to the next room, house, complex or area. You dont have time to lose and you want to loot as many buildings as possible, to give you more probabilty to find everything and more we just listed above. RUN .

If you have a car next to the first complex of houses you have just looted, you can take your chance and get (still away from the trajectory of the plance) to a city or to a military area that you are sure to be the first arriving. Keep in mind that it is safer to go to some house complex than to a big city or to a military area, because of the probability of people travelling there.

When you know that you will be running for some time and that it is safe around you, you can press X(default key) and you will put your gun on your back allowing you to run faster.


In the MID game you should avoid using a car if you are going to stay around the area you are driving, because players can detect your position just by listening to a car moving and stopping.

One strategy that might pay off later is to take a car and drive in the middle of the circle (#3 or #4) and get inside a house and camp while watching around through the windows.

If you have no car, just try to run slowly and safely to the middle of the circle, always listening to shots fired and their direction, so you can avoid or fight them on your way.


When you get to a decent house to camp(2floors) somewhere around the middle of the white circle, get upstairs, check for interesting positions in your room and stop moving around. Listen to your surroundings. If you are going to watch outside of a window, 3rd person-view the outside first ( laying down or crouching next to the window), then try scope it out as fast as possible and lay down again or take a safe position. You don't want to stay too long in places where you can be 3rd person-viewed by other players, but can't see them yourself. The best places to camp are the ones you can 3rd person-view stairs or corridors while being invisible, so you can for example prefire or have the better position when somebody is rushing you.


At the end of the match, if you are not in a good camping position or you need to run to a field to be inside the new white circle, try getting behind a tree, inside a bush or lay down behind a tiny hill, not in the middle but rather to the edge of the circle, as you dont want to get sandwiched and you only may have protection from one direction.

Big yellow house with only ground floor

2 floor house with stairs in the middle

5.Taking Fights

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds you will have to fight most of your games. Rare are the matches you will win without fighting, less rare are the ones you will die before fighting.

Remember that you are not playing CheaterStrikeGO and that you want to win the game, not kill as many players as you can, like some people do in this game.

To survive, you will need to try to be safe at all time and at all cost.

This means you shouldn't just drop where 10.000 other players are dropping and you shouldn't be taking every fight neither. You should only fire your gun, when you are sure that you can kill the enemy. The explanation for this is that almost all your shots will be heard by someone at least, and it will give out your position and your probable route you will be travelling. You want to stay safe and travel to your destination without having to worry about players that are following you or scoping your route.


After having killed your victim, you should change your position unless you are in a good camping building or you have an extraordinary surround of rocks protecting you. Maybe scope around you first for players that have might heard your killing shots, and then move easily away to another tree or to a 'fuckboy cabin' for example.


If you hear people shooting, be happy because it is going to be an enemy less and one step forward for your victory. You can(and you should in the final circles) try to get the player who killed the other player, or just observe where he is going to finish him later in a more favourable situation for yourself.


Whenever you have a shootout with a guy, think of every little possibility you have, and take it for your advantage. For example if you are low on health, but you know you can heal without him rushing him, just do it. After healing, if you think you can't fight your enemy in such position, but you see a place where you can safely runaway or hide to get a better position on that guy, just do it. You are not obliged by anyone to keep in fighting when it is not going well and when you have a way out.


6.Final Circles

When the final circles arrive you need to have different plans for each possible next circle. Keep in mind that the circles may go to the opposite side of where you are, and that you will need to travel there. If you are lucky, really lucky, you will be in one of the best houses to camp, or somewhere where you are damn well protected, inside every white circle and noone will approach you until the last / second last circle. This happens, but is going to get more rare over the time as players will recognize such good spots and use these more frequently.

As said above in the other sections, always move safely, this means try to be as incognito as possible, for exampling running through bushes or going from one bush to the other. Crouch and lay down where you need to, so people can't spot you. I wouldn't recommend you to use a car in the final circles as everyone will know where you are and will adapt to it.


If you are in your spot and the white circle moves away from you but you are close to the edge, do not run to the middle of the circle but wait for the blue circle to move and move with it to the edge. Plan ahead where you will be moving and always try to have a rock or a tree at least to cover yourself.


Whenever you are in a 1v1 situation at the end, don't be the attacker unless you know this is your last chance to win/not lose. Usually if you are the defender you will have an advantage over the one who pushes, like the sound of the steps of your enemy. Another thing to plan ahead is who of both players will need to move, and how they are going to do it. If your enemy needs to move, find out which ways he needs to take, and get ahead of him ,surprise him, without taking too many risks, always.

7.Other notes

a. Grenades can be very useful, learn to use them and also to deal with them when you are in a house

b. Close doors when you are looting, people won't be able to track you

c. Be aware when opening closed doors in mid game, people might be camping

d. When you get shot at and you are running, try to zig-zag a bit to the left and right

e. Most crates will have eyes on, avoid them if you don't want to take risks, or be the one scoping it

f. Always remember the route of the plane, at least for the first few circles

g. The 3 first blue circles are easily healed, but they get stronger and unbeareble to the end

h. Check your surroundings before trying to revive a teammate, if too risky, just do not do it

i. When playing duo or squad, be aware that you can get flanked more easily

j. Right-click on a location on the map before you start driving, use it to your advantage

k. In teamplay, make sure every teammate has at least a 4timesACOG

l. Try to get as consistent as possible in your placements, so you can see yourself ranking up


more notes to come






P.S. I am really glad for every constructive feedback or discussion about the strategies explained, and will look forward for some nice discussions with you guys